A presentation

Welcome to my blog. I am an adviser for Fine Art collectors, specialising in Catalan and Spanish Old Masters: my role is to advise my clients and to seek out paintings and sculptures for their collections. I am based in Barcelona, but I travel extensively.

In this blog you will find two different kinds of entries. Under a section called “Seven for Seven”, I will post seven art-related news items every week. This will be as diverse and entertaining as I can make it: exhibitions, books, interesting peoples, legal cases, auction results that catch my attention. If you would like to suggest any particular piece of news, please feel to leave a comment or send me an email: jordi@jordidenadal.com). Once every month (roughly), the “Seven for Seven” place will be taken over by a short article about something interesting from the art world, written by myself or by a kind guest.

Look for the “Seven for Seven” for this week. I hope you will enjoy it!

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